Lesson #10: ‘Tis better to plan ahead than to be pulled over with expired tags, and an expired license

So, yesterday morning when we woke up, neither Hubs nor I were legal to drive. Oops.

See, his birthday was Saturday, and his license expired that day. And of course, we’ve been too busy being newlyweds and getting new jobs and settling into our apartment, and of course, doing laundry, to pay attention to that sort of thing. So we tried to take care of it that day. But, of course…the bureau isn’t open on Saturdays, or Sundays. Uh Oh.

So on Monday morning, he set out to go get a new license, but he didn’t have all the documents he needed. (Yes, we should have checked that ahead of time, but we didn’t.) Thus, another day of living life on the edge passed.

As for me, my parents technically still own my car.  Tthus, they needed to file the paperwork to get my license plate renewed before December. I went and got it inspected up here, and took the paperwork to them one weekend in November when we were visiting home. Then, Mom went and got the new stickers for the plate, but there was the problem of getting them up here to me. Since we won’t be seeing them for another couple weeks, we didn’t want to wait that long. It is illegal, after all, to drive with expired tags. And I’m not one for doing illegal things, as anyone who knows me would know.

But…since we don’t trust our mail right now (My late Uncle Harold would understand…) because we’ve had some things get lost both coming and going…she decided to mail it overnight to my aunt who lives close to us and I’d just go pick it up.

So that’s what we did, and I remembered to send Hubs’s birth certificate with him to work and sent periodic emails to remind him not to forget about it.

And despite our “reckless living,” neither of us had any actual trouble with the law over all this. We got it taken care of and we moved on. But, it could have happened. Moral of the story? Be more on top of things like this. Although it would have made a better story for you if something “bad” always happened when we screw up this way, it’s much easier to do these things ahead of time.  (Goodness, I sound like my mother when I say that.)

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6 thoughts on “Lesson #10: ‘Tis better to plan ahead than to be pulled over with expired tags, and an expired license

  1. mom

    Yes, you do sound a little like me. And I’m sorry to tell you that even after 30 years of experience, things like this have a way of sneaking up on you. Glad everything is back in order! Love mom

  2. Similar situation, but Jason DID get a ticket & a court date for his expired tags. Bummer! They caught him while his car was parked on the side of the road, not even while he was driving! I don’t like responsible stuff like tags & taxes & all that junk. I don’t have a clue what I’m doing!

  3. What a great title for your post. Very cute! 🙂

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