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10 Things My Kitchen Will Tell You

Here’s some things you can learn about me from my kitchen.

1. I’m fairly messy, though I like things to be neat. Case in point: I don’t want dishes all over the counter, but dislike unloading the dishwasher so I rise them and stack them nicely in the sink. Thus, I have dishes in my sink a lot of the time, or at least until I make myself unload and put away the clean dishes so I can reload.

2. I love to eat. Hence all the dirty dishes.

3. Hubs and I cook a lot. We’re newlyweds trying to save as much money as we can and it’s cheaper to eat in than out. Plus, I like to experiment. Last night when he texted me to say he was going to be home late, I asked him if it was okay to have an “experiment” for dinner. He said sure. So we had bacon-and-blue-cheese-butter-burger-twice-baked-potatoes. ย (It was delicious.)

Yum. Yum. Yum. All because we had a little of this and a little of that to use.

Want to learn how to make them? I’ll tell you if you ask.

4. I like to bake. Currently, this is sitting on my counter.

Pear Crisp. Yum.

Except it’s now almost gone, since I made it on Monday.

Wanna know how to make it? I got the idea from here, but changed it, as usual. It’s easy, I’ll tell you.

Peel and slice 4 pears. I used ones that were getting too soft, so I had lots of bad spots to cut out, and I added 1 apple, peeled and sliced as well.

After I was done with that and washing the first peeler I tried to use, I realized why it hadn’t been working.

Apparently, I've never used that one before. Clearly, clear was the wrong color sticker to use, as it was invisible...at least to me. Good thing I had another peeler that worked much better.

Then, add 1/4 cup water, 1 Tbs lemon juice, and 1 Tbs maple syrup. Mix that up so everything’s coated.

For the top, mix 1 stick of melted butter, 2 packets of instant maple flavored oatmeal (uncooked), 11/2 cups brown sugar, 1 1/2 cups flour, and as much cinnamon as you like. I used about a 1/2 Tbs.

It should look something like this.

This is how happiness smells. This bowl of sweet goodness.

Then mix that up and put in on top of the pears. Don’t mush ย it down, just crumble it on.

It should look like this. I'm telling you, it's easy, and your taste buds will thank me. Your belly will, too.

6. I love yellow. I have as many yellow kitchen accessories as possible in there, including my mixer, which I love, love, LOVE!

It should be considered art. Art that makes delicious foods.

7. I like organization. I have 2 cork boards, and 2 magnetic dry erase boards to help us remember where we’re supposed to be and what we’re supposed to pay. Bills have a way of creeping up on us.

8. I like things that are festive. Remember when I showed you how I decorated for Thanksgiving and Fall? (Here) Well, today I got some free “things” from the church I volunteer at and I can’t wait to show you guys tomorrow!

9. I don’t vacuum as much as I should. Probably because I hate my vacuum. It’s so heavy, and it smells so bad. I blame Wyatt’s old roommate who dried to vacuum up smelly carpet cleaner in an attempt to remove the dog smell from their duplex’s carpet. Wyatt promised if I don’t get one for Christmas that we can go buy one. So in the meantime, yes, we have crumbs. Judge me if you want. I don’t care.

10. Hubs and I are crazy about each other and have been for a long time. You’ll see that evidenced by the collection of ridiculously happy-sappy photos on our fridge that dates back several years. I am not a huge fan of cluttered fridges, or clutter in general, but our fridge was kind of dingy and white, so I figured, why not cover it up? You can also tell this by looking in the cabinets. You’ll find the cheezits I make sure we always have on hand for Wyatt’s lunches, and the olives Wyatt put in the cart for me even though they’re expensive. You’ll also see the empty Mountain Dew box from where I surprised Wyatt last Tuesday with his favorite drink we never buy. Oh, and the milk for the cocoa I’m about to make from this night.

Aren't we cute?

There, now that you have a better idea of me and my kitchen. What about you? What rooms in your house give away all your secrets?

P.S. I linked this post up with Newlywed Recipe Linky.

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