Feeling Crummy

Before you stop reading, this isn’t one of those posts that revolve around me working through feelings of grumpiness and pouting.

I just don’t feel well.


And my day started out so well!

I got up, made Hubs breakfast, and his lunch, then I got him out the door and I settled into my breakfast, household chores, catching up on emails and some other tasks. Then I went for a run. And it was glorious. The weather is AMAZING and the sun bright and cheerful.

I did close to 3 and a half miles today and would have done more but my ears were getting cold and I was starting to get tired and didn’t want to push it that much since I didn’t run all weekend or most of last week. (I did run Friday, but it was a short, fast run, a little less than 2 miles.)

But the minute I stopped running when I got back to our apartment complex, it hit me.


I wasn’t sure I’d make it back upstairs, but I did, and luckily, I got through my shower and managed to get some lunch down.

But now I’m on the couch, sprawled out with a headache and a stomach that just doesn’t feel right. Oh and the sun seems to have joined me in my crumminess, as it’s now cloudy and gray.

I had high hopes and big plans for dinner tonight, too. Dang.

And for after dinner. I had a whole night of crafting and cocoa all lined up.

I don’t like to take naps during the day because it makes me less tired at night (which causes problems I talked about here) and I feel like I’m wasting time, but it’s time to close my eyes…just for minute…

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8 thoughts on “Feeling Crummy

  1. mom

    So sorry you’re not feeling well….hope you feel better soon! Love you.

  2. Thanks, mom.
    (P.S. Did you subscribe so you can see my replies?)

  3. Donita

    Sorry you are feeling bad, I hope John didn’t “give” you something. He felt bad on Sat and spent a few hours in the mid morning in bed too. Hope you are feeling better soon!

    • I doubt I can blame it on him…I think I maybe was dehydrated…perhaps with a bit of an unsettled breakfast…I am feeling better now though, thanks!

  4. So glad you’re feeling better. Sick is NO fun!

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