Advice from You: Chores…

Can someone please tell me how there’s always so much laundry and dishes to be done?

I mean, there’s just two of us…how does the work pile up that fast? I do it every day.

Any advice on what brings order to the chore list? Any secrets for keeping it neat longer? What about suggestions for tips or tricks to get it done faster or better?

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12 thoughts on “Advice from You: Chores…

  1. Melissa, I wish I had the answer. I live alone in my apartment and thats how it is here too. I can only imagine what it will be like after we get married and live together. Then when we have children. Oh my!

    • I’m not sure what it will be like once we have kids…good grief. I imagine I’ll be one of those moms that has toy bins in every room to try to hide the clutter!

  2. Sure: 1. Take your clothes to the cleaners 2.Eat out …
    Just kidding. in my house, we clean as we go and do laundry once or twice a week.

    • Yea, I’m currently trying to figure out if it will be better to do a little laundry every day or 1 or 2 days of more loads…
      decisions decisions

  3. Arrggggh! I hear you loud and clear on this. I was hoping someone would comment with a magical remedy, but so far nothing. Until then…I wish you (and the rest of us) the best of luck.

  4. Lol! No magical remedies, I do laundry twice a week, and try to clean up as I go along

  5. I’m seconding isokenalfa’s suggestion. I just wish I was away from the rest of may family so that the house would stay neat after I clean up. At least for an hour. T.T

  6. My best suggestion is to create a morning and evening routine where you help the different household processes along. For example in the morning check to see if you need to start a load of wash, put breakfast dishes in the dishwasher and wipe down counters, do a quick surface clean in the bathroom. Evenings, make sure wash is dried, folded and put away, run dishwasher, make sure the house is picked up, etc. Then once or twice a week do a heavier clean.

    If you are always moving things along and generally picking up, the house looks neater and cleaner.

    A part of the problem is that we are always trying to be “done” and there is no done. Some chores are just ongoing processes and so you have to break them down into steps and just continually walk through the steps. You can be done with a “step” but not the never ending process. So just look at whatever step you’re on and ask yourself what is the next step and do that.

    • Thanks for the great comment! I love that idea! I’ll try to think about it from that mindset. Thanks for reading and taking the time to offer advice!

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