The way we spent last night…

For those of you that don’t know…Call of Duty Modern Warfare Three (COD MW3) came out yesterday.

It’s a big deal, trust me.

Hubs even wrote it on our calendar. Granted, he doesn’t play video games that much. (Thankfully.) But he informed me that would change for awhile when this game came out. I was prepared. As much as I could be.

I mean, do I love that he spent all last night like this?

oh boy...

But I knew when I married him (and WAY before that) that this was part of the package. Ok, that makes him sound like a big gamer nerd, and really he’s not. But love it or hate it, I love him. And loving him means letting him do this when the mood strikes.

And I don’t mean “let” him do this, just to avoid a fight. I mean, trying my best to be supportive of this hobby I don’t share. (The first video game I played was when I was in college and Wyatt tried to start me with Halo2. Bad choice. He finally got so tired of me being lost and falling off the game surface that he told me to just ride along on a tank with him. I even fell off that a couple of times. I just don’t have the muscle memory to make my fingers remember which buttons to push and when.)

Anyway, yesterday I was super nice and did everything I could to earn my “Awesome Wife-Merit Badge.”  I waited in line at the game store to pick up the game so it would be there when he got home from work. I bought Mountain Dew even though I don’t encourage Wyatt to drink soda and it costs more than what I drink…water. I made him a BBQ beef sandwich and chips so he could eat dinner while he played. And most importantly, I put on headphones and parked myself in the dining room where I didn’t bother him all night.

Tonight we are going to play soccer at 8:30, but until then, I’m sure he’ll want to play again. And though I’m trying to be okay with it, I feel a bit of annoyance starting to creep in.

Is all this silly? Probably. Is it temporary? Absolutely. Because Wyatt doesn’t play video games every night. And I’m not going to buy Mountain Dew all the time. But I’ll let him have his fun for now.

After all, he’s agreed to watch every episode of FRIENDS with me, from season 1 to season 10, all in this first year of marriage. (We’re currently on the beginning of season three. We’ve got a long way to go.)

I probably better let him have a few more nights of video games to make up for it, huh?

I’ll go get him a mountain dew…

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9 thoughts on “The way we spent last night…

  1. Donita

    I am sure he appreciates your support. I also know that when we call and you are watching “Friends” he never complains.

  2. My husband is all about Halo recently… he also enjoys Call of Duty and had us set aside some money in savings for the new game (although he hasn’t gotten it yet). Sometimes I have to bite my tongue because I’m not a huge fan of these games, but you’re right — we girls have interests that our guys don’t necessarily share and they patiently sit through, so it’s some give & take. Good luck! 🙂

  3. My husband just bought Battlefield but COD is on his Xmas list. He certainly puts up with his fair share of nonsense from me so it’s the least I can do to encourage him and act excited when he gets to play his games. He’s not a gamer nerd either – I think it’s just the BOY in them that makes them want to play. I find that this only last a few weeks tops then he’ll forget about it and we can get back to painting. 🙂

    • I’m hoping for that, too. I know he knows he can’t play every night without me eventually getting annoyed. So he’ll do this for awhile and then go back to the way we used to spend our nights, together! Thanks for commenting!

  4. My hubby doesn’t really play video games, but he has plenty of his own “annoying” hobbies! lol. I am definitely learning to be supportive 🙂

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