Anyone want to know more about me?

I asked Wyatt what I should post about and he suggested letting you guys ask some questions. So, here it is:

Ask me questions about me, about Wyatt and I, about our apartment, this blog or whatever…

And the most exciting part? Wyatt’s going to play along, too! He says he’s game to offer your questions, too, so feel free to let him have it.

(If it’s super personal, leave an email and I’ll reply that way…not that I don’t want the whole world to know…)

Also, if you have ideas or suggestions for posts, let me know those, too! I like hearing from you guys!

I decided to add some pictures of when Wyatt and I were first dating, just for fun. This is a 1940's style costume party we went to.

And here’s another, just for fun.

At a school dance in 2006.

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11 thoughts on “Anyone want to know more about me?

  1. Hmm…
    How good were you guys in school? Did you do any extracurricular activities?

  2. We were both “good” at school. Straight A students. Wyatt played soccer (really well!), and baseball (a couple years). I played softball and volleyball. We were in Math club, band, and a bunch of other other clubs (we went to a small school so we all did a lot!)

    Thanks for asking! What about you?

    • I was always good in school, A’s and B’s, Honor’s/AP classes. Hubby was always smart, but didn’t like school 😉 I never did any sports. Band was my life in high school. Started playing the Clarinet in 5th grade. I participated in 4 or 5 musicals (orchestra pit) sometimes playing 3 or 4 instruments a night! Like I said, band was my life lol. All of my friends were in the band. I was Drum Major my senior year, which was a pretty good experience. It taught me alot. What instrument did you play? I’m very excited that you and Wyatt were in band! I follow your blog daily (I promise I’m not a creeper!) I found it on the thought I would throw that in there, I don’t want you to think I’m just some weirdo stalking your blog!

      • I played the flute (hated it) and Wyatt played trumpet and baritone. I was drum major my senior year as well!
        And I’m happy you follow my blog daily! It’s not creepy at all! It’s good to “meet” you! Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. I commented before that my wife and I share a similar story. I am curious to know if it was always smooth sailing? I had a “grass is always greener” complex in high school and ran off to date other girls two or three times, then we had a big break after college where she gave my engagement ring back. In the end things worked out. Did you guys deal with any of that type of drama?

  4. We broke up for awhile the April after Wyatt went away to college. There were several things that led up to it, but mainly, I think he realized if we didn’t break up we’d never break up and it didn’t seem reasonable to find his wife at 16. As it turns out, we needed that time to really figure out what we wanted. I had 2 dates that Summer, and they were AWFUL. Wyatt had a pretty terrible summer, too. Pretty soon, we started dating each other again and were able to start our relationship back at a newer, more mature place in our lives. I told him then that it was a one time thing, because an on-again, off again was the last thing I wanted, and since he asked me to be his girlfriend again in November of that year, we were working towards marriage. It was hard to get past the way we broke each other’s hearts, but we’re so much stronger now.

    • Our experience was similar. The stuff in high school was me just being an immature idiot, but if we had married without the post college break we would be divorced by now. We both had some stuff to work out and when we came back together we were in a much healthier place, It turned out to be a blessing.

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  6. I know you mentioned you were looking for a church. What religion do you affiliate yourselves with? Hubby and I are members of a Sovereign Grace Baptist Church in the NW suburbs of Chicago.

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