Our Engagement Story

Since it’s that time of year, I wanted to share my story of when Wyatt asked me to marry him.

We had just celebrated our 6 year anniversary on October 9th. We were still doing the distance thing while we were both finishing school. He was going to graduate in December, me in May. It was the end of October, and time for carve our pumpkins.

(If you’ve been following along, you know how much we love to carve pumpkins. If not, you can catch up here.)

To give you a bit more background, here’s some of our carving masterpieces from the past 6 years.

Our first "jack-o-lanterns"

And of course, as we got older, they got better.

I bet you can't guess whose is whose...

Wyatt always likes to carve some sort of video game or cartoon thing. I started out much less creative…with a traditional face.

Here's where Wyatt's pumpkins start to look WAY better than mine.

Bonus points if you guys know what his characters are or what they’re from…

My "Moo Boo" and Wyatt's alarm clock, set at 11:11, the wishing time.

I told you we were pretty creative.

Our candle in the window pumpkin we did together as an extra in 2009.

And of course, that brings us to last year, October 29th, 2010.

Wyatt's pumpkin. It's so smooth it looks like it was lasered in there.

I didn’t really notice he had anything up his sleeve, other than that he was a bit quiet, and that he was dressed nicer than I thought he should be for pumpkin carving. I just thought he was focused, and that he really like that shirt.

And my leaf. (Which turned out pretty well, I think!)

But, as we were admiring our pumpkins, the light in his went out. And Wyatt innocently asked me to go relight his. I was thinking to myself, “Why me?” But I happily went over anyway.

And inside, I found, not a candle, as I was expecting, but this:

A battery-powered light...hooked up to a timer, but I had no idea what I was seeing...

And when I turned around to see what was going on, Wyatt was down on one knee, holding this.

It was too dark in there to really see it, but I got the idea and I saw it later!

I don’t remember a lot of what he said, something about waiting a long time and it finally being time, or something like that. I was too excited to really think that much about it. I was just trying to get myself to calm down and focus enough to say, “Yes! Of course I’ll marry you!”

And then of course, there was a great big hug and some kissing action. Actually, I remember practically pulling him up off his knee so I could kiss him.

After a while, Wyatt asked if I wanted to see the ring. I hadn’t even noticed it was too dark to see!

And wow!

It's the most beautiful thing I've ever owned.

II have to admit that I’m not sure I was thinking all the way clearly, because after seeing it, I couldn’t believe it was really mine.

I think I said, “Do I get to keep this?”

And Wyatt laughed and said, “Yes, it’s yours.”

I know it isn’t what you’re supposed to say, but I couldn’t help thanking him, as silly as it seems. It’s just that it was the nicest gift anyone has ever given me. I felt I HAD to say thank you!

And then we headed inside to show my parents, who already knew because Wyatt had asked my dad for permission earlier that week.

I don't think I'd ever felt that happy.

Too bad I wasn’t dressed nicer. He had known we’d be taking pictures. I had just had my hair cut though, so it was all pretty.

I still get butterflies when I think about this night.

And of course we had to start telling other people. His parents, my sister, planning who to tell first, and when, and how.

Yay for us!

And of course, we needed a picture with our pumpkins!

A very special memory.

And now we’re married. It’s hard to believe how fast time goes. It’s getting close to the holiday season. This will be our first Christmas together (well, not our first one together, but our first one being married, and living together).

What about you? What’s your favorite pumpkin carving memory? What about the story of how you got engaged? I’d love to hear it!

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6 thoughts on “Our Engagement Story

  1. such a great engagement story! too cute! what planning on his part! points for him!

  2. Your pumpkins look great!!!! I wish I was that creative!

    Our story:

    Hubby picked me up on his way home from work and took me to a little restaurant in Chicago for dinner. He had told me the week before that he wanted to take me to dinner the following Friday. This day was Tuesday, so I was kind of confused. He told me to wear a dress and the necklace he had given me for Valentine’s Day. When we got there, I looked around and thought to myself that the restaurant was alot nicer than I was used to, and that it was kind of odd. But, I was too hungry to really think! Ben seemed very nervous throughout dinner, and kept telling me how much he loved me, etc. I thought this was weird, but it was kind of cute. Then, when I was done eating, he got down on one knee and proposed! I still don’t understand how he hid the ring since we spent so much time together. He said he couldn’t wait until Friday, hence dinner on Tuesday πŸ™‚ We were both too excited to eat dessert, even though it looked so yummy on the plate in front of us! He claims I said yes before he finished asking the question πŸ˜›

  3. Laura

    I love your engagement story, super sweet. My husband and I love carving pumpkins as well but your artistic talent definitely exceeds ours!

    My husband and I got engaged at the state fair (NC) last October, and were married this past September. He had gone that morning to ask my dad permission, and while I didn’t know where he had gone that morning I could tell he was up to something. And instead of it just being him and I at the fair, his brother, his parents and a friend of ours (the one who introduced us) went with us which seemed a little odd but I didn’t think too much of it. He wound up proposing to me that night at the fair at the top of the ferris wheel, overlooking the whole fair, it was so cute! He was also smart about it and had tied the ring to him with fishing line just to make sure he didn’t drop it off the ferris wheel. Luckily my friend and his brother had gone up on the ferris wheel with us, and since they knew what was about to happen they got some wonderful pictures of the moment! It makes it so special when they go to the extra effort to plan something like that, and its so cute how nervous they get!!

  4. What a nice story! Thanks for sharing it. I love how special these moments become to us!

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