When did I sign up to play soccer in the cold?

When I met Wyatt, I knew he loved soccer. When I got to know Wyatt, I realized, he really loved soccer. That’s great. I love to see him get excited and I love watching him run around in his element.

But when I married Wyatt? I think that meant that I was automatically entering myself into the soccer club, too. I should have received an ” I heart soccer” shirt after making it back up the aisle at the wedding.

(Just kidding.)

But seriously.

I’d never played soccer before I married Wyatt, unless you count this one time at recess when I landed square on my rear in the middle of the field. I’ve watched a lot of soccer. (Wyatt played, after all.) And I honestly and truly enjoy watching soccer. (Go Sporting KC!) But I’m terrible at playing soccer. Really.

And now? I play soccer every Thursday night with a bunch of guys (and 1 other girl!), most of whom I don’t even know their name. And they are all WAY better than me. And it’s cold out there. And anyone who knows me at all knows I don’t like the cold.

But it’s fine, because I usually have fun just running around trying to do more decent things than bad. I own soccer cleats now. And I am getting better. Very slowly, but still. Better is good, right?

So, here I am, all bundled up and waiting to go play a sport that I’m terrible at, in the cold with my husband.

Is that love?

I think so.

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4 thoughts on “When did I sign up to play soccer in the cold?

  1. They say (whoever “they” is!) that guys love those “shoulder-to-shoulder” activities where they get to “do stuff” right next to their wife. Good for you for learning to do something you don’t necessarily love so that you can demonstrate love to him!! šŸ™‚ Have fun!

    • We did have fun, and I actually did a lot better this week! Maybe I’m getting better, or maybe the cold weather made everyone else slower?

  2. I hear ya girl. My hubby (and his whole family) is a die-hard Chicago Cubs fan. I’m a big Chicago White Sox fan. I don’t like the Cubs. I never have. But I still watch and go to games with him. If only he were that loving….!!

    • I like the Cardinals. (So Cubs would be a no go!) but he likes the Royals. I say I can like both (since the Royals are pretty awful) and I love baseball no matter what. We even went to a Cubs game on my birthday on our honeymoon in Chicago! Good for you for going with him!

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