Dinner with my guys, or rather my guy, and a famous guy who has no idea I exist, much less admire him.

Usually, when we go to bed, I try to ask Wyatt what he wants for dinner the next day. His response is normally noncommital. But the other night, he says, out of the blue, you should make a burger with an egg on top.

Um…Yum. Ok!

So the next day, as I’m working on my laptop in the living room and listening to Food Network in the background, guess who comes on?

Hint: It’s one of my favorite chefs. I’m a tad obsessed with watching him cook whenever possible. He’s on my list of famous people I’d like to one day meet…

Anyone know?

It’s Michael Symon! (With a mixer like mine!–only his is red…)P.S. Thanks Yumsugar.com for the photo…

Anyway, so he’s on Paula Dean’s show, and what do they make? His Lola burger. It’s a burger, made with bacon and eggs on top.

I’d say that was as much motivation as I needed. Both Wyatt AND Michael wanted me to make it. That’s enough for me!
So I got to work. Now, no offense to Michael, but I have to cook to please Hubs, so I didn’t follow his recipe exactly.

Here’s how I did it.

 1 lb ground beef

4 tsp Worcestershire sauce

2 tsp chopped chives

1 tsp dried parsley

1 Tbsp chopped onions (fresh or dried)

Mix together and form 4 loose patties. Cook in a preheated skillet until brown, or desired level of doneness.

In a skillet, cook 4 slices of bacon, set aside grease.

When burgers are close to done, butter and toast 4 hamburger buns.

Using the skillet from the bacon, fry 4 eggs, leaving the yolk runny.

Create your burgers with the toppings of your choice. 

(I’m sure Michael’s pickled onions and spicy ketchup would be fantastic, but I didn’t have the ingredients to make those. Maybe next time.)


The onions in these make them smell fantastic while they're cooking. And they taste great too, with having to eat a big slice of onion of the top. Best of both worlds.

I’ve never been this creative with my cooking before, though I guess I’ve never cooked this much before. I think I need to have company soon, so I can cook for them! Though it’s fun to cook for two because we get to be a lot more creative. It’s all trial and error. And there’s a lot less pressure, than say, cooking for the in-laws. Or my grandparents.


My bacon looks lonely in the pan. (I only made 2 since we were only going to eat 2 burgers that night.)


I also had the idea to try a totally new zucchini recipe. (Translation: I have a lot of zucchini again and need new ways to cook it so I started experimenting.)

I started by slicing off a few thin slices from my very large zucchini. Then, since of course I’m not going to waste it, I had Wyatt wrap the rest up with saran wrap, which he doesn’t get along with very well, so that might not have been the best job for him…

Then I cooked them for a few minutes in olive oil, seasoning with salt, pepper, and lemon pepper seasoning.

You don't want to cook them too long, or they will get mushy. Just a few minutes on each side is plenty.

Then I transferred them to a baking dish, added some feta and mozzarella cheese and a little more lemon pepper seasoning on top. I then cooked them in the oven at 450 degrees (I was also baking some fries) for about ten minutes, or until the edges started to crisp up a bit.

I know, my baking dish is huge. But I don't have a smaller one! (Actually, I do, but it's still in the box because it wouldn't fit in my cabinet! Darn that small kitchen!

All in all, the meal turned out great, thanks of course to my inspiration from Wyatt and Michael.

Yum. Need I say more?

And the best part of dinner?

When Wyatt squished his bun down on his hamburger so he could fit it in his mouth, he popped the yolk open and it squirted across our coffee table, much to his dismay.

Of course, that didn’t stop him from enjoying his eggy, bacon, burger…

Yes, that's my hubs, dipping his burger into egg on the coffee table. I'm such a proud wife!

Ah well, he cleaned it up later.

Such a fun night!

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5 thoughts on “Dinner with my guys, or rather my guy, and a famous guy who has no idea I exist, much less admire him.

  1. Wow, you are an amazing cook! Your husband is a lucky guy. Loved all the pictures too, and I’m definitely going to make that zucchini.

    I remember being a newlywed (over a decade ago!) and not having nearly as much skill in the kitchen as you. In fact, my meals were so bad that we actually had to name them. “Dill Surprise,” “Cheese Wads…” you get the picture. 🙂

    • ha! I think those make great memories though, and I’ve had a few that weren’t so hot.
      Glad you liked the zucchini idea, and really, how bad could Cheese Wads be? It’s cheese!
      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. I will definitely be looking back on these someday when I am trying to make exciting things for Matt to eat and need some quick, fairly easy, but tasty recipes. The zuccinni looked like pickles! I liked the last picture the best.

  3. Thanks! I like the last picture best, too! And you are more than welcome to try any of my recipe creations. Any time you want!

  4. Lol, is he mopping the egg off the table? I thought only people in my family did that. ^^’ I don’t even like zucchini but it looks good in your pictures.

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