Just Like Old Times

Yesterday was Wyatt’s and my 7 year anniversary. (Yes, and our 3 month wedding anniversary. I’m not sure which number is more exciting to me…)

And to celebrate, we went out, on a date. A real date. Not just dinner, which counts as a date, but a whole day-long date.

Woo hoo!

It was Wyatt’s idea to go play mini golf, so we headed out in the late afternoon (in this amazingly beautiful Fall weather)

We haven’t been mini golfing for several years. Of course, in the past, it was pretty much the only “sport” at which I could beat Wyatt. But I’m not very good either, so it’s fun to just go play and have fun outside.

And since it’s October, it was themed mini golf! Even better!

oooo...graveyard golf...It was very scary...

In all reality, we were at the mini golf course on the hill in Parkville. It’s a little run down and kind of “easy” (not a lot of obstacles or trick shots needed), but it was only $6 and since we’re on a budget, (we’re newlyweds, and I’m unemployed for goodness sake!) it was perfect for a fun afternoon of just being outside and laughing at each other.

Yay for great weather. I love Fall!

I admit that these three months of marriage have been great, but also challenging for me personally, as I’m having to redefine the way I value my abilities and talents. But when the weather is that nice and we’re having that much fun, I think I forgot all about my unemployment! Successful afternoon indeed!

Wyatt on hole 2, shot number 6? He had trouble with this one...

And after all that, he still ended up starting back over at the bottom. This was maybe shot number 8? 9?

After he gave up and took the "10 stroke limit." He got better after this one, but it wasn't a great start, for sure. Or it was great, considering the amount of laughing I did.

Of course, I’m not super good either.

I ended up with 8 on one hole I think. Keep in mind, most of the holes were par 3. (It was a VERY hilly course, so keeping the ball near the whole was a bit difficult.)

It was fun to see several other couples out there playing. The couple a few holes in front of us was younger, I’d say probably in high school. The couple after us was married, but several years older than us. And after them, a couple in their fifties.

Yay for mini golf! We had a lot of fun.

And believe it or not, even with Wyatt’s terrible start, our game turned out to be pretty close, right up to the end. (I told you I wasn’t very great either, remember?) We even ended up tying. As crazy as that is.

64 to 64. On 18 holes, all with par 2 or 3. Yikes.

Afterwards we walked around main street for a little while. And I found Twain!

It's Twain! I am a Twain girl, for sure. And I got to cuddle right up, with Wyatt's blessing of course.

We were walking around and all of a sudden, I spotted a statue, and being the curious girl I am, I had to investigate, despite Wyatt’s hunger claims. I said, excitedly, “Honey, it looks like Twain!”

“Yea, kinda.”

But as we got closer, he said, “I don’t think so.”

And I faltered a bit as well, as we looked around for any sort of sign or plaque, to no avail, but I took my picture with him anyway, and said I would google it. (Which I did, and it’s Twain!)

Then we left Parkville and headed to Zona Rosa for some Smokehouse BBQ. Yum.

I’m telling you, it was as if we were still “just” dating.

We walked around Zona for awhile, just enjoying the great night. And stopped in to Barnes and Noble to browse. (I’m proud to say I held out and didn’t buy anything, not even anything on clearance!)

And then it was home, which is where the similarities to “the way we were” ended. Because there was no driving home alone or lying around and trying to stay awake as long as we could just for a few more minutes together, and especially, no saying goodbye.

It was nice to realize we got to go home after this date. Together. OUR home. And off to OUR bed.

Ah, married life!

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4 thoughts on “Just Like Old Times

  1. mom

    Sounds like a great date! I can still remember hating to say good night at the door or on the phone. And it’s been almost 30 years ago! Love you, Mom

  2. Donita

    It is wonderful to keep the romance going, that is the hardest part of marriage. If you can continue to do that you will be married a long, long time!

  3. What a sweet day-long date! The Husband and I don’t do that very often…at least not intentionally. But it’s a great idea. Thanks for sharing. I found you through your comment on The Nest. I have a newlywed blog too. Check it out if you feel so inclined: http://www.livesimplylove.com

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