Saturday morning visitors

A few weeks ago, when Wyatt and I were sitting down to eat a leisurely mid-morning breakfast, there was a knock on our door. Wyatt looked through the peephole (my, those things are handy!) and saw that it was two nicely dressed young men. It seemed harmless enough. So he answered.

Turns out they were Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Needless to say, Wyatt’s breakfast got cold by the time they were done talking. Which is fine. Because we figured it was a one-time thing, and that they had said their peace and were done. Wyatt had politely disagreed and we were on with our day.

But today, after sleeping in, we were cuddling on the couch (Wyatt was watching cartoons) and there was another knock.

Now, keep in mind, we’re newlyweds, and it’s the first weekend morning we haven’t had something to do or somewhere to go. We weren’t wearing much more than what we’d gone to bed in. Certainly not enough to answer to door.

So Wyatt jumped up and headed for the peephole (See, I told you that thing was handy) and I headed to the bedroom and grabbed some clothes for him to throw on.

But, it was the Jehovah’s witnesses again.

What the?

They must not know what newlyweds do on lazy Saturday mornings.

This time, we decided to just wait it out.

So we didn’t answer the door. But I’m sure they could hear the cartoons blaring in the background. (Another reason for Wyatt to learn to turn down the TV…)

And I felt a little guilty about leaving them out there, but we told them the first time we weren’t interested, so that’s fair right?

But I can’t help but wonder, how many Saturdays have they knocked on our door? This might be the first time we’ve been home since that first time they came. Have they been there every week when we’ve been gone? Are they going to come every Saturday?

Goodness, I hope not.

That would be a lot of wasted time for everyone involved.

And a lot of disrupted Saturday morning couch-time.

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7 thoughts on “Saturday morning visitors

  1. I say next time you let Wyatt open the door in Saturday-morning sleep-in attire and see how long they want to stay in talk with him in his skivvies. I imagine that might be uncomfortable enough to deter them.

    Or, don’t answer it several more times but then when the weekend of Halloween is here, if you are home in the morning and they knock, he should have a scary mask on hand and open the door and yell BOO! at them, and then shut the door really fast. Maybe they will think you guys are crazy and not come back. Ha ha.

    • Elizabeth – Your comment made me giggle, but I’m afraid that if you came to the door in a mask and yelled at them, that would make them come back EVEN MORE! Haha!

  2. Kana Tyler

    My experience? Yes, EVERY Saturday. For a year, till we moved. And they took notes!–the second time I opened the door they addressed my cat by name… Very pleasant folks and all–but completely undeterred by my statement that I was already a Sunday-School teacher at a church of my own choosing. 😉

  3. Nice!
    I think we’ll just stay in. Though answering the door in his skivvies could be a way to scare them off!

  4. Donita

    Elizabeth…don’t encourage Wyatt. he certainly has never been shy and I would not put it past him to take your suggestion!

    Melissa–just invite them to join you at Catholic Mass and see how fast they stop bothering you. Or we could let you borrow Greta to greet them…when they came to “visit” us at the other house our dog at the time (Jaws) nosed the women up her skirt from behind, and after she raised up on her tip toes they moved to their car and never came back. John said the best part was that he got the Watch tower magazine free that day.

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