Spider Hunting

Yesterday while Wyatt was at work and I was doing pilates, (and thus, bending over backwards, sideways, etc.) I happened to see a spider web in the corner of our living room. This disturbed me a little bit, since we haven’t seen any spiders in a while. Yet, I know that our main spider enemy, the recluses, don’t make webs anyway.

Still, it didn’t make me happy.

Just in time for Halloween. But I'm not feeling the festivities.

So, my spider-spying skills, which I told you were on high alert, I immediately saw this little visitor in the very highest spot he could be.

Dangit! I really hate spiders.He's kinda small, and really high up there, but he was there, for sure.

So, since he was so high, as high as he could possibly be, I couldn’t reach him, even if I stood on the chair. So I decided I’d just keep an eye on him, watch to see if he moved, and hope Wyatt would find a way to kill him when he got home from work.

But, somewhere in the time between when I started eating lunch and when I got up to take my stuff to the sink, he disappeared. Crap. That meant I had “cause” to freak out.

See, I was fine when I knew where he was. But when he’s “loose” in my apartment, I get a little creeped out.

This went on for a few hours. I kept cautiously scanning the walls and ceilings until…

There he is, the creepy little critter.

So naturally, I got a paper towel to kill it. And also naturally, I had to give myself a pep talk before I had the courage to actually squish him.

So after about three times of counting to “2,” I managed to say “3” and the spider was a goner.
After this, I asked Wyatt to clean the cob webs, which he is currently doing, (Thanks, Honey!) and I’m going to go back to just being cautious when I put on my shoes or get a blanket out of the closet.
If anyone has ideas as for how to get me to be less freaked out by these disgusting eight-legged freaks, I’m all ears, er, eyes.
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3 thoughts on “Spider Hunting

  1. mommysaidaswearword

    My husband is terrified of spiders. He would rather face an intruder bare-handed than squash a spider. Unfortunately I am not super-brave on this front either. So I researched natural ways to keep the 8-legged punks at bay (since my daughter was putting everything in her drooling mouth then i was hesitant to use poison) and found that if you douse a rag with eucalyptus oil and rub it along any entry points (doorways, windows…I even went so far as running it around the base of my house) they stay away. It is smelly. But totally worth it.

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