Lesson # 8: How to fix a tire (So much for a restful Sunday)

After so many weekends away from home, Wyatt and I planned to spend this one just relaxing. We had waffles for breakfast and were going to just chill out all afternoon. It sounded so nice. And in theory, it was.

Our yummy waffles for breakfast. We each had one regular one and we split a chocolate chip one for "dessert."

In reality though, at about 4:00, we decided to go to the car wash to wash Wyatt’s car. At this point, we remembered that, despite just buying four brand new tires two weeks earlier, we’d had a flat tire yesterday morning. We had aired it up and made it all the way home to KC, thinking we’d check it again if it got low again.

And it was all the way flat when we went downstairs to leave for the car wash.


So Wyatt got to work to get it off the car. His jack makes this job a lot easier, and I am a firm believer that everyone should have a jack like that. And then he carried the up the stairs to look at it. (I rolled it up the first flight “to help” but he got impatient of that so he just carried it the rest of the way.) And when we discovered the culprit, a screw, we headed to Walmart to get a tire repair kit. And then home again to begin the process.

Our bathroom, all prepped for "tire repair."

At this point, my job was to stay out of the way and open up the glue and hand Wyatt tools. (Yea, yea, I know, he didn’t really need me, but it made me feel better than to just to sit on the couch and watch TV, right? What else is a wife supposed to do at a time like this?)

The root of the problem.

How frustrating. A 2 inch screw. Shoved all the way into our BRAND NEW TIRE. Grrr…. But we were now ready to begin the actual repair work.

The contents of the “deluxe” tire repair kit from Wal-mart.

 It didn’t take very long for him to get the plug in there. And then we were off, back down the three flights of stairs to air up the tire and see if it was leaking. Checking to see if the plug leaked. Using soapy water is the way to do this. (It is also the way to check for a leak in your gas line, in case you didn’t know that.)

It didn’t leak, so he put the tire back on and we headed out to find a car wash. Which we didn’t find. So we just cleaned the inside and out with our car cleaning kit (windows and dashboard wipes) and called it a day. 


And now we’re having margaritas and watching pumpkin carving shows on TV.

So it isn’t a complete loss.


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One thought on “Lesson # 8: How to fix a tire (So much for a restful Sunday)

  1. Donita

    actually sounds like you had a pretty good day. I think any time you get to spend time wit the one you love is a good day!!

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