Dinner out of Nothing…Round Two

So, last night I wrote about our Cheesy Fiesta Rice.


Today, since we had so much left over, which often happens when it’s just the two of us here eating, I decided I’d try a little “round two recipe” for lunch.

So I reheated the rice and ripped off a few layers from a head of lettuce. I put a dollop of rice, a bit of ranch dressing, (you could add tomatoes, peppers, or any other fresh veggies you like) and then rolled it up in a simple little wrap. (I made four little ones, and it was the perfect size for lunch.)


I think I liked this even better than the first time we had it. It tasted so light and fresh, but was cheesy, meaty, and filling, all at the same time.

I still have some left, so let me know if you have other ideas of how to use up our “tex-mex” rice!

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2 thoughts on “Dinner out of Nothing…Round Two

  1. My stomach is growling just reading this. >.<

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