Not Lost

Today I had to make my way to Liberty to get an estimate for our car repair after our fender bender a few weeks ago (Yes, we are dragging our feet a little in this process).

As usual, I was nervous that I would get totally lost, stranded, and well, have to call my husband at work to come rescue me.

(Which wouldn’t be SOO bad, except that I’d NEVER hear the end of it.)

And of course, that would be a worst case scenario. Most likely, I’d just be really, really late to whatever I was trying to get to.

You’d think that after close to 3 months, I’d be getting better at this driving in the city stuff, but really, as I drive around, I still don’t get the feeling that I really live here. I mean, our apartment feels like home, and I’m getting better at finding my way around the strangely unfamiliar set up of our local Wal-Mart (you’d think they would be more similar from town to town…), but overall, I think I still feel like I’m visiting, or just pretending to live here.

Is that weird?

But today I made it there and back, no problems. At all. I was even feeling confident enough to disagree with the directions on the gps, and go my own way. Go me.

(On a side note, thank goodness for GPS. I’d like to hug whoever invented that wonderful little piece of technology.)


Of course, that doesn’t mean I’ll be any less nervous the next time I go out, so I’m sure there will be more “lost” posts in the future.

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7 thoughts on “Not Lost

  1. Rachel Keim

    I still feel like I’m pretending to live in Boonville. My apartment and job feel comfortable but my existence there seems temporary..PS: Killed a centipede in my house….ick!!!

    • It’s hard to know when something will be more “permanent.” I’m hoping a job will help with that. And for your centipede…YUCK!!! I feel for you, girl!

  2. Michelle M

    You’ll get used to the new city, I felt the same way and still do feel like a visitor at times (and I have been here for 9 months now). Just go out an explore, find fav diners to visit and shops…it’ll be home before you know it!

  3. I agree with Michelle. A place feels more like home when you have places you like to go to, or a favorite spot to hand out at. You’ve only been there a short while, but don’t worry, it will come eventually.
    And yay for not getting lost. ^^

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