Advice from you: Groceries

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8 thoughts on “Advice from you: Groceries

  1. My comment wouldn’t fit! I would say stick to the list AND shop for the sale items. Don’t sacrifice quality, but most of the time the brand doesn’t matter! I always went to Price Chopper and bought the brand that my chopper shopper card got me the discount on. It became a contest for me to see if I could break my record for savings. I think my best was $20 worth of savings when I only spent $30! I know that extreme couponing sounds good, but that only gets you a ton of free toothpaste and too much of things you don’t really need! Hope things are going well for you my dear! 🙂

    • Wow! That’s a good shopping trip! I think I need to work on shopping at places other than Wal-mart because they don’t offer those kinds of discounts. It’s just so close to us…And I know they should match whatever price I find somewhere else but if I don’t know about the lower price somewhere else, I can’t ask them to match it!
      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Definitely setting a budget. Humans are so adaptive that we can almost manage with any amount of resource. Not just for groceries, try doing that with savings in general. Won’t hurt your life quality as much as you may think.

    • Yea, we talked about a budget the first couple times we went, but we haven’t been as structured with it as we could.
      Something to work on!
      Thanks for the comment!

  3. I found that making a list or setting a budget usually works best for me. If I know what I’m going for, I only carry enough to get those things, plus a little extra for snacks. a girl’s gotta have her sweets.

  4. I have been married for 4 months but with my husband for 7 years now. I have my degree in business and run two small businesses myself so I am pretty good with finances. I have comprised a worksheet for our budget and we set $80 a week aside for groceries and $50 a week for entertainment (restaurants, more groceries, movies and so on). I also clip coupons from our local newspaper and If you look for those grocery stores that are having sales on the items that you have coupons for (simply by going to there website for 2 seconds and looking at there weekly circular) you will save the most money. Only buy what you need for the week and try and plan meals for the week (that is our weakness because we both are super busy with our careers and so on. If you combine all of these you’ll get the most bang for your buck! Just remember don’t take it too seriously or you’ll stress yourself out. If you want that Ice Cream that you don’t have a coupon for, by all means splurge. It’s better to be happy then to starve yourself from the things that make you happy in life, it’s just finding that balance. I hope this helps!!!

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