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Almost Lost

Yesterday morning I had to ride into work with Wyatt because we left a car there over the weekend and I needed to pick it up and bring it home.

I have driven there before so I didn’t think it would be too bad. But it was early, I was tired, and well, to be honest, it’s me.

And I ended up exiting off I-29 and onto I-35. Oops. Considering our apartment is on I-29…that was a bad move.

So…I panicked for a minute. (But, a short minute, to my credit.)

And luckily, but what could have been very unlucky had I been more lost, the car was low on gas. (Wyatt had instructed me to find a gas station on the way home.)

So, I found a gas station on my little detour. (Thank goodness for those little signs on the exits that tell you about the food and gas and lodgings…)

And I filled up, turned around, and got back on I-35 south, all as if I had done it on purpose, (When of course, I didn’t) and then, luckily, and handily enough, that got me right back onto I-29.

And then home.

Keep in mind that when I answered Wyatt’s “Did you get home okay,” I really downplayed the “lost” part of this story.

Still, I got home, and found a gas station, so I’d say, all in all, not a bad trip, right?

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