Lesson # 7: The Brita and I don’t get along

I had two run-ins with the water pitcher today.

Episode 1: I was trying to fill it up using the hand sprayer. I had to hold the little flap on the lid up with my thumb with the other hand. In the middle of filling up the compartment, I noticed the lid wasn’t on straight, so I tried to push down on the back and my thumb slipped off the little button that holds the flap up. The water, however, did not stop spraying, which resulted in a huge deflection of the water away from the pitcher, up and out, all over the counter. Crap.

You’d think I would have learned by now that the Brita is temperamental and doesn’t like to be treated except with the tenderest of care.

But…my second mishap took place only an hour or so later.

Episode 2: I filled the compartment with no issues, surprisingly. But I was really thirsty and didn’t want to wait for the water to all run through, so I went ahead and started to pour. However, it’s important to note that the bottom part of the pitcher was almost empty so I had to tip it pretty far over to get any water to run out into my glass, and since the top part was full of water and the lid doesn’t stay on very well, let’s just say the top was pushed off by the weight of the water rushing down on the ill-fitting lid.

And water went ALL over the counter, all over the front of the lower cabinets, all over the floor, and all over my beautiful yellow kitchenmaid mixer.


Crap. Crap. CRAP.

Let’s just say I’ll be a little timid for a while when filling and pouring. I’m considering taping the lid down, but for the fact that I know it’ll get wet somehow or another. And wet tape always leaves those disgusting tape residue marks on things. Ick.

So until then, the battle continues.

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6 thoughts on “Lesson # 7: The Brita and I don’t get along

  1. Jamie

    Perhaps you should have gone with a PΓΌr water filter that fits onto your faucet… That might be something to keep in mind when the Brita craps out. πŸ˜‰

    • Maybe, but I had one of those at Wyatt’s apartment in Warrensburg and it used to get on my nerves too. I think my problem is that I was raised on the beautiful purity of country well water, and everything else tastes like filth.

  2. Sorry to hear about your being foiled by the water filter. Probably why I stick to bottled water. Who knows though, I might switch to filtered water one day… maybe.

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