Advice from You: Best Way to Use Up the Peppers

What’s the best way to eat/cook with green peppers? I’m hoping for an idea that Wyatt will like too…


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5 thoughts on “Advice from You: Best Way to Use Up the Peppers

  1. Rachel

    Salsa? Sliced with dill dip?

  2. Donita

    How about in some stir fry?

  3. Jamie

    I agree with stir fry. Also, stuffed peppers are very tasty (rice, cheese, ground beef or turkey, onions, maybe some taco seasoning). I grill a lot, so usually I will combine peppers with onions, broccoli, potatoes, tomatoes, or really just whatever veggies I have sitting around and throw them all in some foil with olive oil, veggie seasoning, butter seasoning, garlic powder, and other various seasonings and spices then fold it up and slap it on the grill. If you don’t have access to a grill, you could do this in the oven or on the stove. Simple and delicious. Green peppers are also good in German potato salad.

  4. Jenn Gordon

    Peppersteak is GREAT with green peppers! My hubby’s mom made it for him all the time growing up. You can email me for the recipe if you want. It’s great!

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