Running “Together”

I like to run. I run everyday.

Wyatt hates to run. He never runs, unless he’s playing soccer, and then of course, he’ll run ALL day everyday.

So yesterday I opened an invitation to run in the MU PT department’s annual 5K and 10K. I’m pretty stoked to do the 10K again, despite that fact I’m only running about 2 miles a day right now. (I’ll worry about getting my distance up later, I’m sure.)

But Wyatt isn’t AT ALL excited to do the 5K. It’s his first one where he’ll actually be running. (We’ve walked inย a 5K the last two Thanksgivings.)

He’s acting like I guilted him into it. Like I forced him. Really, I just suggested it.

Either way, though, I’m feeling a little bad that he’s dreading it so much and that he got up at 6am to run today. (I got to sleep later and run after he went to work.)

But we’re doing it together in about a week and a half, no matter what, so we’ll see how it goes. It’ll for sure be an adventure, and I’m sure he’ll be grumping all the way to the finish line.

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3 thoughts on “Running “Together”

  1. Rachel

    Haha it makes him look cooler with the guys if his wife made him do it maybe? I don’t know. Good luck!

  2. Donita

    I am happy he is running…maybe he can beat the “gene” pool and stay in shape!

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