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Our Little Apartment

Here’s a little preview of our apartment, in case anyone is curious as to where all this newlywed action is taking place.

It’s small, yes, but I love it. It’s a great first home.

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After Dinner Entertainment

Since I’m still not working, I’ve been doing my best to be the very best housewife I can be. So usually, I have dinner almost ready or waiting when Wyatt gets home from work at 5:30.

But the last two nights, I’ve done a lot more in-depth meals. So Wyatt had to help when he got home. Luckily, he doesn’t mind.

Tonight we had pasta with pan-fried chicken that I finished cooking in a tomato basil meat sauce. Then, my favorite part of the meal: fried eggplant. Yum.

My grandma gave us a bunch of produce, including 2 big eggplants. And my favorite way to eat eggplant is fried in eggs and cracker crumbs.

Wyatt got put in charge of the frying since he hadn’t done it before and I could easily tell him what to do, and I set to work making the sauce with no recipe. A little hamburger, diced tomatos, basil, oregano, sauteed onions, and lemon pepper seasoning.

It turned out pretty well.

We ate the entire eggplant by ourselves. For sure not the healthiest meal we could have stuffed down.

And now that we’re done eating, we’re sitting here on the loveseat watching tv. Wyatt’s trying to figure out a move in our Words with Friends game (I’m currently smoking him). And I’m thinking to myself that this is the way we spend too many of our nights.

We have a great dinner, do all the dishes, and then just chill out. Sure, sometime we take a walk, or go to the store. But usually, we just stay in. And it isn’t like we can do yard work or home repair projects.

(I need to pause and tell you that Wyatt looked up from his phone and is so bored that he felt the need to reach over and touch the fingerprint scanner on my laptop, which brings up and annoying window that blocks my screen. Thanks, honey.)

Anyway, I guess my problem is that I just feel we’re sort of, well, lame. Is it okay to sit and do nothing at night? Should we be more hip and happening? I’m so used to the busy schedule I had during high school and college that it’s hard for me to get used to this “doing nothing” thing.

What is the best sort of after dinner entertainment, anyway?

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