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A cat person at heart…

It all started a few months ago when I teared up when I saw this commercial on TV. (I googled it and found this extended version.) Seriously, I dare you to watch it and not feel all warm and fuzzy, whether you’re a cat person or not!

But then I saw this one yesterday, and immediately rewatched the longer version online. I know I’m already married, so “my day” is done, but come on, how sweet is this? I still get mushy every time I watch it!

And there’s more! See all the ones in between here:


Sorry for the mush. Maybe I miss my wedding. Maybe I miss my cat. Maybe I wish Wyatt would ever break out of his “I hate all cats” shell and let me have a kitten.

But mostly, I think I’m just a girly girl at heart who loves a good love story. Who cares that it was written for the sole purpose of selling expensive cat food?

Not this girl.

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