Lesson #6: Check the Email Account Your Husband Offhandedly Mentions You Have

So, for the past few weeks or so, I’ve been wondering why we haven’t gotten a bill for our TV and internet. We’ve been receiving service for about three months now, and have yet to receive a bill. Hmm…

Keep in mind that I’ve been asking Wyatt about it this whole time. He has just been saying things like, “yea, that’s weird,” and “maybe you should call them.”

So today I called them.

And it turns out that we HAVE been getting bills, they have just been sent electronically to the email account that Wyatt set up and requested online billing through when the guy came to turn on the service. Three months ago.

So now, our three months of bills are overdue.


Luckily, we had such a hard time setting up the account and ended up getting a $200 credit on our account. However, we’ve already used up all of that and still owe some for the third month. So I spent almost an hour on the phone with them, figuring out how to get into our account.

I had to email Wyatt to get the answers to the security questions so I could change the password in order to open the email account. Strangely, he remembered the answers to the questions, just not that the bills were supposed to go to that account.


And I had to have them cancel our 3 months of free HBO, as well as start sending the bills to our mailing address, and explain the super complicated three-month-long bill that I found once I got the into the email account.

So, lesson learned, take note of EVERYTHING hubby says. You never know when it’ll suddenly come in handy.


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4 thoughts on “Lesson #6: Check the Email Account Your Husband Offhandedly Mentions You Have

  1. I hate it when things like this happens. I’m just glad you guys caught it so soon.

  2. too funny! i could totally see Clayton doing something like this and truly forgetting that he had even set up the account. oh the communication misunderstandings of marriage…

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