Spider Warrior? Not Quite

While Wyatt and I were out of town for the weekend visiting his parents, we had a spider encounter that made me realize I’ve now reached a new level of spider hatred.

Not only am I still scared, but I am also WAY more aware. It’s like I have some sort of super-spider-spying vision so now I see them everywhere!

I see them on the outside walls of our building. Hanging from trees when we go for evening walks. In the corners of other people’s houses…

So, Saturday night when we went down to the basement to go to bed at Wyatt’s parents’ house, I happened to see a spider crawling along the wall. And then another spider right beside that one, and another a little bit farther down the wall. And another one in the corner. And one right outside the door.



But Wyatt just set to work stepping on all of them. And he killed about 8 or so before going to find the broom to sweep them up. But them I spotted one going into the bathroom. So that meant in order for me to feel “safe” entering that room, we had to do a “spider sweep” of there, too.

So we did. I was seeing them everywhere, and Wyatt was going around killing and sweeping. We got a few in the living room out, but Wyatt stopped “playing along” and said, “We can’t go through the whole house doing this.”

So I tried to stop seeing them, really.

But I’m telling you. Now that I’m used to seeing them and looking for them in our apartment, it’s like I can’t NOT see them.

Still, Wyatt did a good job of de-bugging the area. And I was able to get to sleep, after some convincing. 🙂

I wish I wasn’t afraid of them, but I’ve yet to find a solution that will make me…unafraid.

Luckily, I haven’t been seeing any in our apartment, and hopefully, my in-laws won’t mind that I was temporarily freaked out in their basement.

It’s not personal, really, unless you count the personal vendetta I have against the spiders.

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7 thoughts on “Spider Warrior? Not Quite

  1. Donita

    I already made John promise to “get rid” of the basement spiders! I totally take it personally, I want you to feel comfortable coming and staying at our house. Whatever I have to do to get John in gear I will do!

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  3. Crystal

    I’m terrified of spiders too! Once I see a spider, I’m also more aware of them and I get skeeved out for the rest of the time that I’m in the area where I saw them (usually the bathroom) but I’m getting better…I can at least kill the ones that I see in the bathtub by putting the shower water on them!

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