Bad Dreams

For some reason Wyatt and I have been having a lot of really weird dreams lately. I think that for the last three nights in a row, one of us has rolled over to hug the other and whispered, “I had a bad dream,”  after waking up in the middle of the night.

No fun.

Well, I mean the bad dreams aren’t fun. I can’t help but smile a little bit when I realize I don’t have to try to fall back asleep alone.

One of his dreams included a too-late trip to the hospital when I went into hypothetical “dream labor” and we lost the baby before he got there. Sad.

My dream was much more weird. It involved an alien UFO that threw a weird transforming, magnetic-only-to-me blinking ball (looks a little like a toy Camo plays with) through my old bedroom window at my parents’ house and hit Wyatt in the head, and then, since it was magnetised to me, followed me to school (Smithton High School) where it caused all sorts of problems. Weird. Kind of sad also though, because there was some sort of weird death message it kept shooting out.

So, while we’d prefer to just have normal dreams to share with each other in the morning, at least we aren’t waking up alone.

That’s a marriage perk that would be enough to convince me to get married right there. Never having to sort through a bad dream “on my own” again.

Even still, I did share my secret for falling back asleep with Wyatt after he said he was too awake and bummed out to go back to sleep. My mom once helped me fall back asleep by having me reimagine the dream (which seems scary to a little kid at first) but then you “day-dream” the bad dream with a new ending, a happy ending.

I’m pretty sure Wyatt didn’t need or use my little trick, but he did fall back asleep, as was evidenced by his snores. Which, actually, helped me fall back asleep without using my little trick, too, just because I knew he was there, snoring away, and making me feel right at home. 


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2 thoughts on “Bad Dreams

  1. Rachel

    Awww 🙂

  2. I think you’re right about feeling better knowing someone is right there with you when you have a bad dream. It’s a comfort to know.

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