Parental Approval

Yesterday we had both sets of parents come up and visit the apartment so they could see our wedding photos.

I won’t lie, every time someone comes over, I feel a little bit of pressure to make sure our little apartment looks its best. I especially wanted yesterday to go well. I mean, I know my parents want to know that I’m doing okay up here in the big city, but at the same time, I want to make sure I’m fulfilling my “duties” of making our apartment into a home for Wyatt and I.

(Yes, I know we aren’t living in the fifties, but I’m not working, and with all of my “stay-at-home housewife” time, I get the feeling that I need something to show for all the hours I spend here every week.)

And even though it isn’t like his parents are judgemental or doubtful of my “homemaking” abilities, there’s always that sense of seeking approval in that situation, you know?

We still have things we want to do here, like hang more things on the wall, and get our love seat. But overall, I think we’ve really settled into home here.

Like I told Wyatt, it’s small, but it’s perfect. It’s exactly what I pictured when I thought of what I wanted our first apartment to be. And more than all that, it’s home.

And I think, even if there were spiders that worried my mom, expenses that worried everyone, and pressures to prove that worried me, I think the fact that we’re happy here is worth more than anyone’s approval.


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2 thoughts on “Parental Approval

  1. Donita

    Your apartment is PERFECT! You have made it look very “homey” and inviting. I can see that you are both comfortable there and happy, and that is what counts!

  2. Rachel

    I feel the same way about my place. Granted I only have to pick up after myself…but still I feel ya! I’m sure you do a great job at the stay-at-home-housewife role (I mean who doesn’t love the idea of being a doting wife??)

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