Lesson # 5: Sleep Talking

As Wyatt and I have settled into life together and sharing a bed, there’s been a few surprises along the way.

For instance, Wyatt tends to talk in his sleep. Just a little bit, but still, talking none the less.

It started as a few sort of random outbursts in the middle of the night. For instance, the night after we got home from the honeymoon, he woke up, and woke me up, with, “It’s exit 27.”

“What?” I said, as I sleepily rolled over to face him.

“Exit 27. That’s where the next Steak and Shake is.”

Granted, we’d just finished a week of road-tripping. But still, we hadn’t been to Steak and Shake, nor had we been looking for one.

So my response, “What?” triggered great frustration, and Wyatt huffed out, “Nevermind!” as he rolled back over away from me.

Now, the sleep talking seems to be more as he’s falling asleep, which is more dangerous, because that sometimes means it’s part of an actual conversation. Thus, his responses could be pretty misleading, and potentially trigger a not-so-great response from his more-awake wife.

So, the other night, as we were going to sleep, we were having a semi-conversation, you know, pillow talk stuff. And Wyatt was getting really sleepy (he’s really great at that…) so we settled in and started to doze off. Pretty soon, I realized I was a little uncomfortable and needed Wyatt to scoot over in the bed a little bit. Plus, he was snoring, so I wanted him to roll over off his back.

So, I softly whispered to him, “Wyatt, can you roll over please?” while rubbing his arm lightly.

To which he responded, as he jerked out from under me and onto his stomach on the other side of the bed, “I’m just tired ok?!” Clearly, he thought I was trying to get onto him for falling asleep in the middle of our conversation.

Shocked, I rubbed his back and said, “I know, Honey, I just need you to roll over. I’m sorry I woke you up.”

But he was already out again.

And I had a bit of an attitude now. He’d just yelled at me for no reason!  But…he was sleeping and I didn’t want to get into it anymore, so I decided I’d just tell him about it later. Which I did, the next night, and the story, which had kind of upset me at the time, set us both to laughing…

…which then set Wyatt to coughing. Oh jeez.

Lesson Learned: not everything Hubby says after 10pm can be taken seriously.

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3 thoughts on “Lesson # 5: Sleep Talking

  1. Rachel


  2. Michelle M

    My hubby has talked a couple times in his sleep and it’s always so amusing. He’s always embarrassed when I tell him but I think it’s funny! This is what I get for sharing a bed with a man who sleeps like a log and can be out in milliseconds! 😛

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