At long last

We came home last night after the fair, exhausted of course, and despite the few trips up the stairs to carry everything in, it was for sure a “home sweet home” moment. I know it’s just a small little apartment, but it’s ours, and it’s home.

Sorry, loyal readers, for the long absence with no posts. Those that know the Beef House know that fair time is not at all when I have extra time for writing. Plus, since Wyatt and I were apart for most of the week, there weren’t a lot of “married life events” to write about, unless you count missing each other and  talking on the phone at night like when we were dating. Or I guess I could have written about Wyatt waiting to put away his laundry until the night before he knew I’d see it all out. 🙂

So, don’t worry, after some time apart, we’re back to our every day adventures, so keep reading!

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2 thoughts on “At long last

  1. Donita

    Well some things never change. When they were growing up I would leave the boys a “to do list” every day and they waited until 30 minutes before I got home to do it. On the days I got off early they got a surprise when I walked in the door and nothing was done!

  2. It wasn’t TOO bad here, but I’ve had lots to do this afternoon!

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