A Pychic Husband?

Apparently Wyatt often has dreams that come true, or at least, sort of come true, later on in real life. While this is a cool thing to have happen occasionally, I’m not sure I’m really wild about the idea of this happening more often. I mean, I would think it was cool if he predicted we were going to have unexpected company. But if he starts seeing things like major purchases or the birth of our kids, I’ll be kind of uneasy.

And if he starts predicting things like bad days or traffic tickets, I’ll be just totally creeped out.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s cool. And it could be handy. But I don’t like knowing things ahead.

And that’s not just because I love surprises (I usually do) but I think it’s more because I don’t want to have to waste more time worrying about whatever thing may or may not be going to happen.

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