Secret Spider Messages…Silly, but I just may be onto something.

When I saw the first spider in our apartment in Kansas City, I thought maybe it had come with me in a box of stuff from our basement here in Sedalia. Then, there were so many that I knew they must have been there first.

Now I’ve seen 3 spiders in a week, (one in the shower–I hate that!)ย likely all brown recluses, here at my parents’ house in Sedalia. There was one on me at work today in the truck. I saw one crawl under the cooler at the Beef House today. They’re following me!

So now I’m thinking, maybe these spiders are all ganging up on me and trying to freak me out. Or deliver some kind of message.

Maybe they’re trying to get me to chicken out and leave our apartment.

But they must not want me to come back home either. Or go to work.


They’re crafty, these spiders, and cunning. If there is some kind of hidden message or agenda here, they’ve certainly done a good job of “spinning” it all together.

Oh wait, I’ve got it.

They want Wyatt and I to find a house in the city right away. A brand new house that won’t have any spiders in it at all.

Clever, talking spiders that want us to buy a house we haven’t found that we can’t afford?

That doesn’t seem unlikely at all.

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4 thoughts on “Secret Spider Messages…Silly, but I just may be onto something.

  1. Wyatt

    I love the paragraph that starts with, “They’re crafty, these spiders.” Great monologue material.

    • Thanks! Glad you like it! ๐Ÿ™‚ (Also glad you’re living in the spider world with me right now, though I’d rather it be a “spider-less” world…or at least a “less-spider” world.)

  2. I like your theory. The spiders probably DO want you to find a new home so they can have theirs back all to themselves to multiply and congregate en masse before the next tenant — then they will start a spider war! So, by having the apartment sprayed instead of moving out right away, you may have temporarily averted a spider war!

  3. Rachel

    Haha. My new place has spiders….everywhere as well. Quite creepy. So I feel your pain.

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