Alone in the Bed

So tonight I am beginning the first of my nights away from my husband. I’m back in Sedalia for 2 weeks to work at the fair. He’ll be here on weekends, but until Friday night, I’ll have the bed to myself again.

It seems so big. And cold. (He’s like a personal heater.)

As we said goodnight tonight, I couldn’t help thinking that this was why I had gotten married! To have my husband with me in the bed at night! (Among other reasons, of course, like that we love each other and want to spend our futures growning old together.)

And the worst part isn’t even that, it’s that now Wyatt’s going to get re-used to having his bed to himself. We were just getting to the point where he could sleep halfway normal again with me there (He’s kind of a high maintenance sleeper). Now we’ll have to start all over again! Sheesh.

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4 thoughts on “Alone in the Bed

  1. Rachel

    Awww!! 😦

  2. Donita

    I am sure he will miss you too! He may complain about “not sleeping alone”, but I am sure he has already gotten used to it and will have a hard time sleeping alone. Just think how GREAT it willbe to see him on Friday!

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