Good news with the spray?

The good news, the guy came and sprayed with the heavy-duty stuff (he said it was stronger than what he usually uses.)

And that’s when the good news stops.

Bad news #1. He confirmed our captured spider was a brown recluse. (Eughhh! Even typing the name makes me shiver in a pang of disgust and fear.

Bad news #2. The heavy-duty spray smells really bad.

Bad news #3. The spray has a “flushing effect.” (Decoded, this means that we’ll be seeing more spiders now, as they die, hopefully.)

Bad news #4. He gave us some traps to set to help catch them as they come out, and since my handy hubby is off at work earning our living, I had to put the nasty things together by myself. Eughhh…! (Another awful shiver–I feel like I need a shower, but sadly, our bathroom is the most infected room I think, and I’m scared to get in the shower if these spiders are about to start flying out of the walls.)

Bad news #5. He said that since we live on the third floor with an attic above that never really gets treated, that’s where they’re coming from and there’s probably, and I quote “10,000 silverfish up there, and everything else.”

Talk about a way to freak me out when I’m home by myself! Eughhh, Eughhh, Eughhhh!

Oh, and did I mention the smell? With that and the potential for a drugged spider attack, I’m outta here. Time to go shopping!

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One thought on “Good news with the spray?

  1. :O GAG!

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