Lesson #3 You CAN get there from here…in about twenty different ways.

Basically, the whole story behind this post is that Wyatt and I drove around, totally unnecessarily, for almost an hour last night in between two stops. We were making returns and doing some more shopping and needed to find a Sears store. There was one in Gladstone so we went. Then we needed to go to Macy’s.

There is a Macy’s you can get to from Barry Road, which runs close by our apartment. So, to me, I thought that was the best way to get there. Let’s just say I was wrong.

Wyatt didn’t know where the Macy’s was located. He thought it was by Target or Walmart, which is, I admit, way closer to our apartment. He headed back from Gladstone and got all the way back over by the Target north of our apartment. Turns out the Macy’s, which I considered “by our apartment” because that’s the way I got there, is actually way closer to where we had just come from.


Apparently, Wyatt didn’t remember the entire conversation we had about the Macy’s being in an abandoned mall that I walked around one day and then pointed out to him one day when we went to the Best Buy across the street.

So, basically, while Wyatt was heading back towards our apartment on one road, we were heading totally away from where we needed to go because we didn’t need to go all the way back to the beginning. Then once we realized we were going the wrong way (after we got all the way back), we managed to turn around and get on yet another road that I didn’t know, which also took us the long way around. Sheesh.

Still though, I need to realize that there’s more than one way to get anywhere up here. More than ten ways really.

The problem is that all the “ways” look the same to me! They’re all divided highways and they all have really similar names!

I mean, whose bright idea was it to name all the highways numbers that are so similar? 635, I35, 435…and if that’s not enough, there’s just a regular 45! Aaahhh!

Throw in the 29, 69, 71, and 152, and my head starts to spin.

And they all COULD get us from one place to another. But only if I know where I’m going…


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