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Brave and Blurry

I want to preface this post by saying that we haven’t seen any spiders for quite a while. (Unless you count the ones that are dead in the traps, which I am torn as to what to do with. I mean, on the one hand, I want to throw out the traps because they’re icky, and hello, they have dead spiders in them. But on the other hand, I think we should leave them out because there may be more spiders that find their way into them, and maybe, just maybe, the dead spiders are acting like some sort of bad omen, keeping all other potential spiders away…)

Anyway, last night in bed, I woke up and rubbed my eyes, and my contact fell out (sorry, Wyatt, that means it’s probably still in the bed somewhere…it was either that or wake you up and turn on the light) so I took them both out and decided to just wear my glasses today.

Which is fine.

But, when I went to take my shower today, I had to take those glasses off, which means I can’t see very well. Not very well at all.

And when I stepped into the shower, there were some suspicious-looking dark splotches making their way to the drain.

I freaked out a bit, momentarily, because while I knew, or thought I knew, that I had checked the shower for spiders, it was pretty hard to convince myself it was just fuzz from the rug that I washed, and thus, caused to pill and shed like crazy.

Nevertheless, I managed to avoid the urge to scream and jump out of the shower. Wyatt would have been so proud.

And pretty soon, the splotches were gone, down the drain forever, and my blurry eyes were never able to determine their true identity.

Guess we’ll go with the idea that they weren’t spiders. Otherwise, I may have to boycott the shower. And that won’t work out well for anyone.

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An Old Married Couple?

So last night after dinner, Wyatt decides to watch the Italian Job. Yay. Don’t get me wrong, I like that movie. It’s a good movie. But I don’t like it as much as he does. (I’d rather watch HGTV all night.)

But like any good wife, I agree. I mean, it’s a movie with my hubby, how bad can it be?

But I lay my head down and he immediately complains, “Are you going to sleep?!”

So I get up and move to the dining room table to work on my computer. And in the meantime, HE lays down and falls asleep. Before the first commercial break. Good Grief.

And he slept for the ENTIRE movie.

At one point I woke him up and told him I was going to take the trash to the dumpster. He didn’t offer to go with me. He just rolled over and grunted. How romantic. So I took my evening walk alone.

And at 9:30, when the Italian Job started over from the beginning, I woke him up, ate a brownie, and we went to bed because he was so tired from his “nap.” Needless to say, it was a pretty quiet night here in “newlywed ville.”

Is this what married life is like? I had expected we’d do a lot more hot, hip, cool things up here in the big city.

But tonight after dinner, we’re sitting on the couch again, just watching TV and chilling. Which is fine. Really.

And you know what? It’s 9:30 again, and I think we’re going to go to bed…but this time, maybe for a different reason.


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Wedding Photo Preview!

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Parental Approval

Yesterday we had both sets of parents come up and visit the apartment so they could see our wedding photos.

I won’t lie, every time someone comes over, I feel a little bit of pressure to make sure our little apartment looks its best. I especially wanted yesterday to go well. I mean, I know my parents want to know that I’m doing okay up here in the big city, but at the same time, I want to make sure I’m fulfilling my “duties” of making our apartment into a home for Wyatt and I.

(Yes, I know we aren’t living in the fifties, but I’m not working, and with all of my “stay-at-home housewife” time, I get the feeling that I need something to show for all the hours I spend here every week.)

And even though it isn’t like his parents are judgemental or doubtful of my “homemaking” abilities, there’s always that sense of seeking approval in that situation, you know?

We still have things we want to do here, like hang more things on the wall, and get our love seat. But overall, I think we’ve really settled into home here.

Like I told Wyatt, it’s small, but it’s perfect. It’s exactly what I pictured when I thought of what I wanted our first apartment to be. And more than all that, it’s home.

And I think, even if there were spiders that worried my mom, expenses that worried everyone, and pressures to prove that worried me, I think the fact that we’re happy here is worth more than anyone’s approval.


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Sleeping in

Friday morning Wyatt overslept for work a little bit. Last night when we went to bed, he asked, “Can we sleep in tomorrow?”

“Sure,” I said. (I like sleeping, too. And I get it, he’s tired.)

But…I’ve been up since 10:30, and he’s still in there sleeping. Good grief.

A part of me wants to go wake him up right now and say, “It’s LUNCHTIME!” but another part wants to just wait and see if he’ll ever get up on his own.

And don’t get me wrong, I know he gets up early everyday, and I knew long before I married him that sleeping in was a weakness of his, and getting up for “no reason” (other than that it’s the middle of the afternoon!) is not his strong suit.

So, I guess I’ll go take a shower. Maybe the sounds of me getting dressed will wake him.

Probably not, though. I swear, that man could sleep through a train wreck.

I may need to resort to pulling off the covers and turning on the lights. Of course, that will make him grumpy all day.

Maybe I’ll break out the big guns and start frying up some bacon. That always does the trick.


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Lesson # 5: Sleep Talking

As Wyatt and I have settled into life together and sharing a bed, there’s been a few surprises along the way.

For instance, Wyatt tends to talk in his sleep. Just a little bit, but still, talking none the less.

It started as a few sort of random outbursts in the middle of the night. For instance, the night after we got home from the honeymoon, he woke up, and woke me up, with, “It’s exit 27.”

“What?” I said, as I sleepily rolled over to face him.

“Exit 27. That’s where the next Steak and Shake is.”

Granted, we’d just finished a week of road-tripping. But still, we hadn’t been to Steak and Shake, nor had we been looking for one.

So my response, “What?” triggered great frustration, and Wyatt huffed out, “Nevermind!” as he rolled back over away from me.

Now, the sleep talking seems to be more as he’s falling asleep, which is more dangerous, because that sometimes means it’s part of an actual conversation. Thus, his responses could be pretty misleading, and potentially trigger a not-so-great response from his more-awake wife.

So, the other night, as we were going to sleep, we were having a semi-conversation, you know, pillow talk stuff. And Wyatt was getting really sleepy (he’s really great at that…) so we settled in and started to doze off. Pretty soon, I realized I was a little uncomfortable and needed Wyatt to scoot over in the bed a little bit. Plus, he was snoring, so I wanted him to roll over off his back.

So, I softly whispered to him, “Wyatt, can you roll over please?” while rubbing his arm lightly.

To which he responded, as he jerked out from under me and onto his stomach on the other side of the bed, “I’m just tired ok?!” Clearly, he thought I was trying to get onto him for falling asleep in the middle of our conversation.

Shocked, I rubbed his back and said, “I know, Honey, I just need you to roll over. I’m sorry I woke you up.”

But he was already out again.

And I had a bit of an attitude now. He’d just yelled at me for no reason!  But…he was sleeping and I didn’t want to get into it anymore, so I decided I’d just tell him about it later. Which I did, the next night, and the story, which had kind of upset me at the time, set us both to laughing…

…which then set Wyatt to coughing. Oh jeez.

Lesson Learned: not everything Hubby says after 10pm can be taken seriously.

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Lost in Transit

Here’s the story.

Friday, August 5, at approximately 4:30 in the afternoon, I purchased a Pilates DVD and pedometer at Walmart. 

It was in a white Walmart bag on the floor in the space by our patio door.

And now, it’s gone.

Granted, I was gone for 2 weeks and Wyatt was here alone. But at the same time, he didn’t do a lot of cleaning, and it’s likely I stashed it somewhere before.

Still, no matter which one of us either stashed it or tossed it, one of us should be able to remember where it is.

If only that was the case…

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Choking on Toothpaste

Last night as we were getting ready to go to bed (early, of course), we were both in the bathroom getting ready to brush our teeth. I casually asked Wyatt if he liked the white shorts I had been wearing that day.

(We have had several conversations in the past couple weeks about girls in white shorts. Guys seem to like it. Apparently, they’re sexy.)

And instead of just saying yes, as he easily could have done if he was less honest, he said, simply, “Yea, but they’re kind of grannyish.”



Not cool.

To clarify, Wyatt seems to think that, overall, I have a rather “granny-like” style. (I would define my style as more a mix of classic and vintage with some funky twists. Wyatt says vintage equals granny.)

So, back to the bathroom last night. We’re standing there, brushing away, and after the granny comment, I’m stewing to myself, frustrated that I went out of my way to buy white shorts that were shorter than I normally wear, in an attempt for that sexy, classic, clean look they supposedly give, and he thought they were grannyish. Grrr.

(Turns out it was because they had eyelets. Apparently, eyelets can’t be sexy.)

So, I’m instantly a bit grumpy, not exactly the effect he had been hoping for, although if he would have thought about it, he probably could have guessed what my reaction would be. And since I usually wear my heart on my sleeve, (0r, in this case since we were getting ready for bed and I was already wearing just my “pj’s”, a bare arm), I wasn’t hiding my disappointment well.

To set the scene a little better, Wyatt’s at his sink, shirtless. I’m at my sink, pantless. I’m pouting. He’s trying to figure out how to get me to stop being salty.

So he decides the best course of action will be to just hug me. So that’s what he does. Mind you, we’re both still brushing away. So, he grabs me and pulls me to him, and as I’m trying to stay pouty, I look up and see our reflection in the mirror. And instantly, for some reason I still can’t remember and that isn’t important, I immediately start to smile.

And then I’m laughing.

(Which makes it VERY hard to brush your teeth.)

And I end up spitting out a little of the toothpaste, dribbling some down my chin, and missing my mouth with the brush, getting toothpaste on my lip.

So, now, obviously, Wyatt’s laughing, too.

And then, we’re both choking on the toothpaste, laughing, and coughing. (Or rather, Wyatt’s coughing, because laughing still makes him cough.)

Either way, we didn’t go to bed angry.


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At long last

We came home last night after the fair, exhausted of course, and despite the few trips up the stairs to carry everything in, it was for sure a “home sweet home” moment. I know it’s just a small little apartment, but it’s ours, and it’s home.

Sorry, loyal readers, for the long absence with no posts. Those that know the Beef House know that fair time is not at all when I have extra time for writing. Plus, since Wyatt and I were apart for most of the week, there weren’t a lot of “married life events” to write about, unless you count missing each other and  talking on the phone at night like when we were dating. Or I guess I could have written about Wyatt waiting to put away his laundry until the night before he knew I’d see it all out. 🙂

So, don’t worry, after some time apart, we’re back to our every day adventures, so keep reading!

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A Pychic Husband?

Apparently Wyatt often has dreams that come true, or at least, sort of come true, later on in real life. While this is a cool thing to have happen occasionally, I’m not sure I’m really wild about the idea of this happening more often. I mean, I would think it was cool if he predicted we were going to have unexpected company. But if he starts seeing things like major purchases or the birth of our kids, I’ll be kind of uneasy.

And if he starts predicting things like bad days or traffic tickets, I’ll be just totally creeped out.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s cool. And it could be handy. But I don’t like knowing things ahead.

And that’s not just because I love surprises (I usually do) but I think it’s more because I don’t want to have to waste more time worrying about whatever thing may or may not be going to happen.

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