Love me, love my FRIENDS

Last Thursday night we went to go see Harry Potter at the Imax theatre by our apartment. Anyone who knows me know that I am not a Harry Potter fan. So, to “repay” me, we spent last night on the couch at home with pizza, a Blondie from Applebee’s and TOWATS.

(For those of you that don’t speak FRIENDS, that’s The One With All Ten Seasons.)

As we sat there, bellies full of Papa John’s, I couldn’t help but glance over every few minutes to check and see if Wyatt was having an okay time. (He was smiling, so if he hated it, he was doing a good job of faking it, for my benefit.)

And as I saw him smile, I couldn’t help but think how great it was that he was willing to spend the night watching my favorite show with me, curled up on our couch. I mean, yes, the pizza was good, and yes, the couch was comfortable, and yes, he did “owe” me, so it isn’t like I was asking him to do something unreasonable.

But then again, he did spend all night doing a very “chick-like” activity with me.

And the thing is, he won’t do it a lot, and not because he would refuse, but because I won’t ask him to. Because that’s what it’s about. Just because he’s amazing and willing to do things to make me happy, doesn’t mean I’m going to take advantage.

And besides, no matter how much I like the show, I was more than ready to turn off the TV after eating our dessert. Afterall, there’s no substitute for love, and I can’t take my FRIENDS to bed with me.

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