Lesson #2 Diet Food

Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t really eat super healthy. Don’t get me wrong. I try, really. And I actually do love salad and vegetables and such. And yes, I love feeling like I am taking care of my body, feeding it good foods that also taste great.

But…I also love bread. And chocolate. (Wyatt says that’s the only way to really please a woman…he may be onto something there…) And ice cream. And cream cheese. And…well, you get the idea.

So, the other morning when I woke up, rolled over, and said to Wyatt, “hey, you know what I want for breakfast? A bagel and cream cheese,” I was disappointed to realize those very critical items had been left off of our first grocery list.

So, I did without for a week.

Then we went grocery shopping again this Monday night. Time to satisfy my craving.

But…I was seduced by the claims of the 110 calorie whole grain “bagel thins.” And worse than that, the no-fat cream cheese.

I had such good intentions…

And now I’m stuck with a bag of bagels that taste like grainy pita bread and a tub of cream cheese that might as well be called sour milk. It’s watery enough, and certainly not at all creamy.

So, lesson learned. If you’re going to go for the “naughty” breakfast foods (you know, to mix it up from my whole grain chex cereal I eat most days), just give in and go for it.

Seriously, who wants to eat pretend health food? Blech. Not this girl.


…which is why I’m currently sitting at Starbucks drinking a skim milk caramel latte and enjoying my giant plain white bagel and tub of philadelphia, full-fat, cream cheese.


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2 thoughts on “Lesson #2 Diet Food

  1. Rachel

    Bagels thins for sandwiche. They don’t really cut the craving for a bagel though 🙂

    • Totally. I have even eaten them as a bun for a hamburger…they weren’t really the same as these whole grain ones though. Those are bagels trying to be bread. This was definately bread trying to be a bagel.

      Apparently it only works the one way.

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