Love and Lighting

Our apartment didn’t come with much lighting. So, we have been doing our best to make do by arranging what we have and adding others.

And those 3 floor lamps we got for wedding gifts? An awesome helpful addition to our living and dining room so far, considering the great lack of overhead lights in those rooms. Sheesh, what is it about people with no overhead lights?

In our bedroom, we each had brought out bedside lamps from home, but they were both just sitting on the dresser on my side of the bed. When I walked into the bedroom, Wyatt had moved his to his side of the bed, and had them both plugged in and on. And he was reading.

Talk about the way to my heart!

So, we both settled in and read together, separately, for awhile. Currently, I’m working my way through Love Letters of Great Men, and he’s almost finished with Dracula.

Does it seem like something an old married couple would do? Maybe. Does it seem like we should have been snuggling and cuddling before we fell asleep, in true newlywed style? Eh, there’s still time for that…after the reading.

Ah, love…it flourishes under the right lights.

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