Ok, so maybe I CAN do it…

I managed to make it on a much longer excursion today. All the way into Kansas! Har, har, that was a bad KC joke.

Anyway, I had to go and get the Sporting KC tickets that Wyatt and I won from 96.5 when we were on our honeymoon. I say “had” to go not because I didn’t want to, but because this much-longer trip involved highway, interstate, and other scary transportation issues, and they closed at 5:30, so there was no way Wyatt could go with me. Yikes.

But, I am proud to report that I made it there and back, plus a trip to Macy’s to make a return (which I was bummed to find out they would only give me store credit, even though we had receipt! But, that’s okay, I already respent part of it…shh…).

I also made it to a few other places, running some errands that weren’t super important, but gave me something to do.

I was going to treat myself to Panera as a mini celebration for finding my way around all by myself, but I decided it would be more fun to celebrate with Wyatt tonight.

So, Wyatt, if you’re reading, I have several ideas of places we can go…that’s the trouble with my finding my way around, it gives me ideas of places I’ll want you to go with me. First up, the ice cream place a few blocks away!

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2 thoughts on “Ok, so maybe I CAN do it…

  1. mom

    Proud of you!

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