Driving On My Own

Well, after 2 days of barely leaving the inside of the apartment, as much as I like it here, I was going just a bit crazy. And, I needed to get started on my name change. So, that meant a trip, on my own, to the Social Security Office. Yikes.

Luckily, my super helpful, and so far patient, husband, took the time to go over the route with me last night, and I wrote down the directions of where I needed to go.

So, this morning, armed with my scribbled notes, and a fresh batch of confidence thanks to a slightly exasperated pep talk from Wyatt, I set out, and everything was going great.

Until I hit the detour.


Stupid road work.

So, after several extra turns, and only one almost-missed-turn, and one semi-u-turn, I made it.

I was there for maybe 10 minutes, and then I was out and on my way back home. Time to follow the directions backward, which I admit, would have been easier if I’d paid a bit more attention during the detour turns. But, still, I made the return trip with no complications.

A little dramatic for a trip that took a total of 30 minutes? Yup, but I don’t care. I’m still nervous for the next trip out, even with this first one behind me. I just hate feeling like I don’t know where I’m going.

I need a new phone, complete with gps, please. And soon.

In the meantime, maybe a map would be helpful…

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6 thoughts on “Driving On My Own

  1. Donita

    The more you drive the more confident you will get! You are a smart girl and will figure it out quickly!

  2. I like reading about our adventures and hearing how you are doing! Good luck next trip — I’m proud of you, when I went up there to the concert there was road work too. It didn’t cause me any detours, but it still made me nervous. It seems like they are always doing road work there.

  3. Melissa Howard

    Haha! Something kind of similar happened to me when we first moved up here. I went to get my SS card changed, and I *hated* driving on the interstate alone because it was all new to me. Then I got there and they told me I needed my marriage certificate, so I had to turn around and go home! (I had thought my changed driver’s license and the essential paperwork would suffice.) Now I’m getting used to driving around here, but I much prefer the back roads. 🙂

    • you did your license first? I thought I had to do the SS card first…

      • Melissa Howard

        Yeah, I did. I never paused to think if there was a certain order to doing those things, but getting the SS card first does make more sense… Anyway, my memory often fails me, but I know I did the license first because of the whole marriage certificate incident–I’m scarred! Haha.

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