Hello new life!

So much is changing, so fast.

I got married to my love, my best friend, my partner for life (insert gagging sound here if you want, but I don’t care, I’m allowed to be a googly-eyed-in-love-newlywed for a while, I haven’t decided yet how long that’s allowed, I’ll get back to you)—and then, we had our honeymoon, and now, I’m here at our little one-bedroom apartment trying to clean, clear, and just stay busy until Wyatt gets home from work.

Yesterday we bought our first sofa and love seat! We don’t have it yet, but it will for sure help out the living room seating situation, where we currently just have one chair and one ottoman, both pretty small, and definitely mismatched.

Last night we took our first trip grocery shopping trip together, after making a list that consisted of just 17 items. Somehow as we walked through the aisles, we ended up with a full cart, $150 dollars worth of starting out and stocking up. Today, I’ve been trying to organize the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, and well, just everything I guess.

Wyatt’s fridge pretty much only had condiments and tortilla shells. (Oh, and the giant cupcake we cut at our wedding reception.) Now, though, we have milk, eggs, butter (3 kinds, Wyatt has so much to learn!), turkey, even salad and fresh vegetables. And the cabinets are filling up super fast too, with only so much space available for food, considering the HUGE pile of shower gifts I still need to put away, not to mention the room FULL of wedding presents at my parents’ house that we haven’t even opened yet. Yikes.

And so far today, I’ve done about 4 loads of laundry. Thank goodness that came with our apartment. It may not handle very big loads, but it’s right here, and it’s clean, though a little older. (I’m used to having much more setting options, and Wyatt and I are having a little trouble getting on the same page with the sorting technique for different loads (a tiny issue to deal with, considering he’s really great at doing his own laundry already, though I don’t mind taking over that task).

Oh, and I killed 2 spiders so far, all on my own. The men in my life should be proud. Seriously, I’m terrified of spiders. (I’m not happy about it, but so far, I’ve been unable to master it. It’s all I can do to muster up enough courage to smoosh them. I’m pretty sure I squeeze my eyes up tight no matter how many tissues I wad up to act as a buffer between me and 8-legged-terror.) I really hope they came with me from Sedalia in the boxes of my stuff (aka “crap” in Wyatt’s words) and weren’t here waiting for my in KC…I’m already on the lookout!

I mean, I love our first little apartment, I really too. It’s perfect for us. Afterall, we’re newlyweds, and this is our life.

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3 thoughts on “Firsts!

  1. Rachel

    Awww yay! Sounds exciting! Not gonna lie I’m very excited you are writing a blog.

  2. Aww, I can’t wait to shop for stuff for our fridge with Matt — instead of three kinds of butter we’ll have two kinds of pickles, bread & butter and dill. I’m glad you are getting settled in and being courageous against those spiders! I’m sure Wyatt is proud. I’m excited to read more!

  3. mom

    Glad to have a little look into your days…we are so happy for you!

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