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Love me, love my FRIENDS

Last Thursday night we went to go see Harry Potter at the Imax theatre by our apartment. Anyone who knows me know that I am not a Harry Potter fan. So, to “repay” me, we spent last night on the couch at home with pizza, a Blondie from Applebee’s and TOWATS.

(For those of you that don’t speak FRIENDS, that’s The One With All Ten Seasons.)

As we sat there, bellies full of Papa John’s, I couldn’t help but glance over every few minutes to check and see if Wyatt was having an okay time. (He was smiling, so if he hated it, he was doing a good job of faking it, for my benefit.)

And as I saw him smile, I couldn’t help but think how great it was that he was willing to spend the night watching my favorite show with me, curled up on our couch. I mean, yes, the pizza was good, and yes, the couch was comfortable, and yes, he did “owe” me, so it isn’t like I was asking him to do something unreasonable.

But then again, he did spend all night doing a very “chick-like” activity with me.

And the thing is, he won’t do it a lot, and not because he would refuse, but because I won’t ask him to. Because that’s what it’s about. Just because he’s amazing and willing to do things to make me happy, doesn’t mean I’m going to take advantage.

And besides, no matter how much I like the show, I was more than ready to turn off the TV after eating our dessert. Afterall, there’s no substitute for love, and I can’t take my FRIENDS to bed with me.

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Advice from you! {bonding poll}

Take my poll, and look for more to come!

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Lesson #2 Diet Food

Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t really eat super healthy. Don’t get me wrong. I try, really. And I actually do love salad and vegetables and such. And yes, I love feeling like I am taking care of my body, feeding it good foods that also taste great.

But…I also love bread. And chocolate. (Wyatt says that’s the only way to really please a woman…he may be onto something there…) And ice cream. And cream cheese. And…well, you get the idea.

So, the other morning when I woke up, rolled over, and said to Wyatt, “hey, you know what I want for breakfast? A bagel and cream cheese,” I was disappointed to realize those very critical items had been left off of our first grocery list.

So, I did without for a week.

Then we went grocery shopping again this Monday night. Time to satisfy my craving.

But…I was seduced by the claims of the 110 calorie whole grain “bagel thins.” And worse than that, the no-fat cream cheese.

I had such good intentions…

And now I’m stuck with a bag of bagels that taste like grainy pita bread and a tub of cream cheese that might as well be called sour milk. It’s watery enough, and certainly not at all creamy.

So, lesson learned. If you’re going to go for the “naughty” breakfast foods (you know, to mix it up from my whole grain chex cereal I eat most days), just give in and go for it.

Seriously, who wants to eat pretend health food? Blech. Not this girl.


…which is why I’m currently sitting at Starbucks drinking a skim milk caramel latte and enjoying my giant plain white bagel and tub of philadelphia, full-fat, cream cheese.


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A long story…but we have plates!

Target was sold out of the ones we registered for.

We had a slight confusion and thought the ones that were similar at Walmart were $20 a place setting. Which was WAY too much.

Then I looked online and found the plates at Walmart for half that price. But I waited to order until Wyatt got home from work.

And they were unavailable for some totally unknown yet totally frustrating reason.

So we decided to just go back to Walmart and ask some questions (after I had already called and asked, mind you.)

We found them at Walmart, for the half-price, price. (We had looked it up wrong the first time.)

But, they only had 2 sets. (We need 3.)

So we drove 13 minutes to Liberty to buy one more set.

And now we have a full set of beautiful, square white dishes.


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Pots and Pans…at last!

After 2 weeks of waiting to open all of our wedding presents, I am super excited that we now have things to cook in!

Before, all we had was one tiny little 5-inch skillet and a little soup pot that was about the same size. Needless to say, browning 2 pounds of hamburger for our hamburger helper last week was a bit of a challenge. I had to divide it up into the tiny, mix-matched pans that we had, which made me feel like..well, pathetic, like something from an I Love Lucy episode or something, and it made a lot more dishes to do afterwards.

Not fun. Ugh.

But, now we are the proud owners of a brand new, non-stick, entire set of pots and pans. Woot!

I have to say that I feel a mix of feelings. I am excited to cook, for sure, but at the same time, I feel a lot more pressure to cook…well.

Don’t get me wrong, I like to cook, really. And I’m excited to use all our new little kitchen gadgets. The hard part is that before I had an excuse if something didn’t turn out quite right. And now? Well, let’s just say I’m feeling the pressure.

I mean, I know the hubby will probably say he likes whatever I make, but still. I think I’ll be able to tell which things he like better. And really, I have my work cut out for me to beat the 4 cheese hamburger helper lasagna. We love that stuff!


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Love and Lighting

Our apartment didn’t come with much lighting. So, we have been doing our best to make do by arranging what we have and adding others.

And those 3 floor lamps we got for wedding gifts? An awesome helpful addition to our living and dining room so far, considering the great lack of overhead lights in those rooms. Sheesh, what is it about people with no overhead lights?

In our bedroom, we each had brought out bedside lamps from home, but they were both just sitting on the dresser on my side of the bed. When I walked into the bedroom, Wyatt had moved his to his side of the bed, and had them both plugged in and on. And he was reading.

Talk about the way to my heart!

So, we both settled in and read together, separately, for awhile. Currently, I’m working my way through Love Letters of Great Men, and he’s almost finished with Dracula.

Does it seem like something an old married couple would do? Maybe. Does it seem like we should have been snuggling and cuddling before we fell asleep, in true newlywed style? Eh, there’s still time for that…after the reading.

Ah, love…it flourishes under the right lights.

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Waiting to be de-bugged…

Is it just me that has terrible luck with service industry people?

We have been seeing and killing spiders all this week. Not my cup of tea, as anyone who knows me knows.

But…the bug guy still isn’t here so I’m going to have to call…for the 3rd time. Maybe I need to sound tougher on the phone, maybe I should watch some jersey shore and take some mouthing cues from those girls.

I don’t want to be one of those wives that has to have her husband take care of this kind of stuff all the time, but this is ridiculous. You should have been around for the whole “trying-to-get-at&t-service-set-up-saga.” Talk about frustrating.

Grrr… Alright, I’m putting on my mean voice. Nobody ignores me when I’m living in a spider-infested apartment!

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Ok, so maybe I CAN do it…

I managed to make it on a much longer excursion today. All the way into Kansas! Har, har, that was a bad KC joke.

Anyway, I had to go and get the Sporting KC tickets that Wyatt and I won from 96.5 when we were on our honeymoon. I say “had” to go not because I didn’t want to, but because this much-longer trip involved highway, interstate, and other scary transportation issues, and they closed at 5:30, so there was no way Wyatt could go with me. Yikes.

But, I am proud to report that I made it there and back, plus a trip to Macy’s to make a return (which I was bummed to find out they would only give me store credit, even though we had receipt! But, that’s okay, I already respent part of it…shh…).

I also made it to a few other places, running some errands that weren’t super important, but gave me something to do.

I was going to treat myself to Panera as a mini celebration for finding my way around all by myself, but I decided it would be more fun to celebrate with Wyatt tonight.

So, Wyatt, if you’re reading, I have several ideas of places we can go…that’s the trouble with my finding my way around, it gives me ideas of places I’ll want you to go with me. First up, the ice cream place a few blocks away!

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Driving On My Own

Well, after 2 days of barely leaving the inside of the apartment, as much as I like it here, I was going just a bit crazy. And, I needed to get started on my name change. So, that meant a trip, on my own, to the Social Security Office. Yikes.

Luckily, my super helpful, and so far patient, husband, took the time to go over the route with me last night, and I wrote down the directions of where I needed to go.

So, this morning, armed with my scribbled notes, and a fresh batch of confidence thanks to a slightly exasperated pep talk from Wyatt, I set out, and everything was going great.

Until I hit the detour.


Stupid road work.

So, after several extra turns, and only one almost-missed-turn, and one semi-u-turn, I made it.

I was there for maybe 10 minutes, and then I was out and on my way back home. Time to follow the directions backward, which I admit, would have been easier if I’d paid a bit more attention during the detour turns. But, still, I made the return trip with no complications.

A little dramatic for a trip that took a total of 30 minutes? Yup, but I don’t care. I’m still nervous for the next trip out, even with this first one behind me. I just hate feeling like I don’t know where I’m going.

I need a new phone, complete with gps, please. And soon.

In the meantime, maybe a map would be helpful…

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Lesson # 1: Tell The Hubby When I Have Something I Want to Keep

So, call me silly, sentimental, or just totally crazy, but I wanted to keep the shopping list and the receipt from the groceries Wyatt and I bought Sunday night. And he ripped it up into about sixty pieces. Oops. (On another note, I’m not sure why he thought it was necessary to rip up the receipt anyway…but that’ll be a lesson for another day, I’m sure.)

He apologized a lot, and I realized it really had very little, if any sentimental value to us, now, or ever. So we both got over it.

Still, lesson learned.

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